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The Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO Writes Letter in Support of Sweetwater County Lodging Tax

Dear Tourism Partners,

As you know, Sweetwater County residents have an opportunity to continue a valuable resource to our community by considering the Sweetwater County Lodging Tax which will be on the ballot this November 6th. The Lodging Tax provides over 1,500 jobs, and contributes millions of dollars in taxes.

Importantly, this comparatively reasonable tax is paid for by travelers to our area and not by residents, unless they stay in our lodging establishments.

In the spring of 2017, The Travel and Tourism Board implemented a media campaign to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The study was conducted by SMARI Market Research and the results indicated that the return on investment to the local economy was $63 for every $1 spent on advertising.

Funds generated by this tax are used by the Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board to develop tourism and enhance the local economy by bringing visitors to the area. Effective advertising is purchased which increases the number of visitors to our great hotels and RV parks, fabulous restaurants, and local retailers. The Board also provides funding for over 30 local events, the Rock Springs and Green River Visitor Centers and contributes to tourism related projects funding/area beautification. It also supports marketing efforts at the Sweetwater Events Complex and works to recruit conventions and sporting events to the area.  

A political Action Committee (PAC) has been formed to promote the reauthorization of the Sweetwater County Lodging Tax and we are asking for your help. The local impact of this tax is invaluable. It is vitally important that we work together to inform local residents of the benefits of the tax, ensuring that they will show up in support on Election Day. This year’s election promises to be very large in turn out and it is imperative that all voters understand how essential this Lodging Tax is.

Please consider supporting the “Citizens for the Lodging Tax” PAC by volunteering your time or by making a financial contribution. Your donation will help ensure that travelers’ dollars will continue to support recreational and event opportunities that we all enjoy, while fueling the economy. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to the continued success of Sweetwater County.


Rick Lee, CEO

Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce