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Ice Cream & Politics Appear to be a Winning Combination in Sweetwater County.

On August 14th the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition hosted the Sweetwater County Candidate Meet & Greet, with 52 candidates and over 120 residents attending the event, Rock Springs Chamber Park was the place to be that afternoon.

Sweetwater County residents had the opportunity to meet face to face with candidates running for seats for both City of Green River & City of Rock Springs City Council and Mayor, County Commissioner, State Legislator, State Treasure, State Auditor, State Senator as well as Governor.

 Attendees were also treated to some delicious Farson Merc Ice Cream and Taco Time while having the chance to be informed on the views and goals of each candidate before making their selection in the Primary Election which was held on August 21st.

Kayla also mentioned that SEDC has received a great deal of positive feedback from the Candidates that were in attendance, so the Coalition will continue to host these types of events during election years.

The purpose behind the Meet and Greets is to give the community the opportunity to inform themselves as well as meet the Candidate before they make their decisions at the poles.

A lot of times, people don’t educate before making their selection, so why not make it even more of an opportunity for them to visit with them face to face while learning about the candidate first hand.

More information will be released in the coming weeks regarding the Green River Candidate Meet and Greet. Watch the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition Facebook Page and Website for more details. SEDC would like to thank the following sponsors: