Rock Springs Chamber

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 Wild Colt 

 Wild Horse Loop Tour 

 Red Canyon Overlook 

 Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. 

 Broadway Theater 

 Downtown Rock Springs 

 Wild Horse Loop 


 Trona Miners 


 Downtown Rock Springs 



 Green River 

 Wilkin's Peak Trail System 

 Green River 

 Guided Horseback Riding 

 Red Canyon Lodge 

 Sweetwater County Fair 

 "Wyoming's Big Show" 

 Fly Fishing 

 On The Green River 


 Flaming Gorge Reservoir 




Welcome to Sweetwater County

Flaming Gorge

Sweetwater County is the starting point for great adventures. It's where John Wesley Powell launched an expedition that led him to the Grand Canyon. Today it's where wild horses run across the horizon as the sun sets and ATV riders go full throttle up massive sand dunes. Located in the high desert, Sweetwater County offers high adventure. From kayaking on the Green River to hunting for fossils at what was Lake Gosiute, to enjoying the Flaming Gorge. The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, commonly known as "Gorge Country," offers spectacularly beautiful and geographically diverse views that include high desert, canyon and forest lands. The opportunities for outdoor adventures in Sweetwater County are as vast as the views.